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Slingshot Supply Co launches early Fall 2022...

Updated: May 11, 2022

Sofubi, apparel, gumball oddities and more coming soon!

Welcome to your new favorite toy brand, Slingshot Supply Co! Steeped in the lowbrow culture that made the original boutique sofubi toy scene so magical; from Rat Fink to grossout toys, Showa Era emphemera to 30's rubberhose animation and beyond; SSC will play host to a number of highly collectible original toy lines and licensed products in a similar vein to the early Street Toy brands, so expect classic fight style figures, minis, mascot-style toys, premium vinyl releases and more!

On top of regular sofubi releases you can expect a wide range of apparel from various in-house and guest artists, as well as a selection of original, handmade gumball/gacha oddities that will be offered up during our vinyl releases.

Head over to Instagram and give our account a follow for regular updates and be sure to look out for a Discord signup code to join our forum soon...


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