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SSC Mail Order 011

We’re proud to announce that Slingshot’s Mail Order 011 will be opening this week!

Featuring not just one but TWO debuts this month, we have the long-awaited Krazy Eyes follow-up “Lt. Von Giglee” in DX-scale - sporting the classic red/yellow/green Gamuboru Fink colorway for this first release - and fan-favorite “Uncle Fez”, coming in an all-new suit body with a colorway inspired by his Shriner heritage! Scroll through for full specs on the release and be sure to come back here this Friday, 31st May at 4pm London time when the "Entry Form" button below goes live. Get your entries in before Sunday, 2nd June at 4pm London time. If applications exceed stock, a lottery will be held to determine successful applicants. Winners will be notified by Monday, 3rd June with invoices to be paid 48 hours after receipt.

Thank you and good luck!


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